We thought it would be good idea to have a page dedicated to all of the tools we like to use on a daily basis. All of the tools we have listed below are products that we use and strongly recommend. We suggest you bookmark it for future reference.

These are the resources that we use and trust in our own physical product business journey. Many of our community members are using the same tools for their success.

**Some of these links are affiliate links and we will make a commission if you decide to purchase through our link. Regardless, we only recommend what we can stand behind and have used.


Finding a Factory

Alibaba – at this point Alibaba is legendary. Basically it works like this, you want to manufacture a product in China? Start by looking for a factory on Alibaba… end of story. Now go do it.
Global Sources – we like to call this the more tame little brother of Alibaba. The factories on the Global Sources are much more curated list.


Amazon FBA Success

ImportDojo – You may remember Manuel from our FBA Approach series of videos. If you are new to sourcing product from China Manuel’s course will show you the step by step process to be successful when getting product made in China. He’s heavily focused on Amazon FBA sellers – he even did a case study where he launched a product (french press) from nothing and walked through the entire launch process to making up to $7,000/mo on Amazon. Check out the case study here ⇒ http://importdojo.com/how-to-find-the-right-product/?details=41

Jungle scout – when researching a winning Amazon FBA product you need it helps to have inside knowledge on the amount of sales and monthly revenue of a particular product. Jungle scout provides this data with a browser plugin that lets you know the average sales, estimated revenue, and sales rank of any product on Amazon. This tool is VERY useful.

amz tracker – this tool will help improve your Amazon listing’s SEO and give you deep insight into keyword rankings.

Cashcow pro – this is a one stop shop that provides a dashboard into all the key data you need to run your Amazon FBA business. Features include sales data, keyword tracking, inventory management, and much more.

amzpromoter – A powerful landing page builder and automated coupon delivery system for Amazon sellers.


Hosting and Website Development

WordPress – chances are you will be setting up a blog or a website WordPress is really the only platform you should be thinking about using.
Bluehost – excellent hosting, quality service, affordable price. This is who we use.

Shopify – If you want to build an ecommerce website Shopify is the gold standard. They provide hosting, credit card processing, drag and drop website development, and a whole lot more. Many of our current members are using Shopify to run their ecommerce stores.


Instapage – this is a fantastic drag and drop platform to set up quick landing pages. If you’re about to launch a product and you’re doing the smart thing and capturing emails early, this is one of the easiest softwares to use to get that set up. Not to mention – it’s cheap!

Leadpages – a little more advanced but still just as easy to use. The great part about Leadpages is the pop-ups you can create as well as drop down email captures. They have TONS of templates and data to back which template converts the most and with so many users you can bet the data is proven.

Buffer – this is THE solution for managing multiple social media accounts. Stop looking elsewhere, just get it. End of story.
Adespresso – one of the best ways to drive traffic to your landing page or your ecommerce website is via Facebook ads. Adespresso helps you to optimize your ads to make the most money off your ad spend. They provide deep analytics and A/B split testing with much more transparent data than what Facebook power editor provides.


Design and Outsourcing

Upwork – If you want to hire anybody to do anything that can be done on a computer via the internet (and some things offline) then Upwork is the place to go. This is what we use for 98% of the outsourced design and VA projects we have. For the other 2% see below…

Fiverr – this is a great alternative to Upwork especially for design oriented projects. Many people within the community enjoy using Fiverr because of cheaper prices – every project starts at $5 then there are add-on price levels depending on your needs.
99designs – consider this the premium option specific to design projects and you pay a premium price ($299 – $1299). The difference with 99designs is the bid model. Designers actually draft up a few design options for you to choose from, then you choose the best design and start working with that designer. They also have a money back guarantee if you’re not absolutely pleased with the design options you are receiving.


Transitioning to China

VisaHQ – everyone needs a Visa to get to China. If you are USA based this is THE easiest way to get a visa to China.
Expressvpn – almost every website you’re used to using is blocked inside China (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc.). Having a VPN is a must to do business here. This one is the best – hands down!



Social Media Management

HootSuite -The leading social media dashboard to manage and measure your social networks.

Buffer APP – The best app to schedule all of your social media posts.

Blogging/Website Creation

WordPress – The best, free blogging platform available today. Countless themes and all customizable to your tastes and preferences.

Themeforest – A great place to find thousands of premium themes for really competitive prices.

Shopping carts

Shopify – The best resource for ecommerce business. This is what we build all of our stores on. It’s super simple to get set up.


Bluehost – One of the biggest, most reliable hosting platforms available. Affordable, reliable, and excellent customer service.

Go Daddy – Makes registering domain names fast, affordable and easy!


Google Analytics – Google’s free website tracking and analytical service. Necessary for anybody involved in the online world.

Perfect Audience – A great retargeting service that allows you to retarget on both Google and Facebook.

Outsourcing Work

Elance – The world’s leading platform to find online employment. Regardless of task difficulty or time requirement, you will find a willing employee.

Odesk – A great place to outsource work to ready and willing people who will bid on your job.

Email Marketing

Aweber – This is the best email marketing tool available. It comes fully customizable and is key to building your email list.

Mailchimp – For those who don’t want to pay the higher price for Aweber, this is the best alternative.


Score – A place to seek expert advice from verified authorities within twenty four hours of inquieres. Best of all, a free service!

Dream Finder

Billionaire Shop – An e-commerce platform that lets you buy jets, helicopters and yachts with jsut a click…or just browse 😉

Dupont Registry – A place to find your next dream home, boat, or automobile.

Robb Report – A good website to keep up with the trends and see what’s new in order to prepare for the future!