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We are a community of more than 300 physical product entrepreneurs from 26 countries. Collectively we've built businesses worth more than a $100M USD. 

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95% of startups fail, but we believe you only fail if you quit. 300 people have come together to build products, share ideas, and challenge each other.

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Knowing the proper process to launch a physical product business is key. 95% of entrepreneurs fail for a reason - they don't have a proven blueprint. Between manufacturing your product, sourcing an already profitable product and selling it online we have proven frameworks that we teach to our members. Together we've used these blueprints to generate 9 figures a year


Whether you need mentorship or peers at the same stage you are, a community is key when launching a successful venture. Our group of 300+ successful entrepreneurs have experienced every stage of business--starting from zero, all the way to selling a business, our community actively supports each other every step of the way.

Product Launch

We've created the perfect environment to launch new products. This is why the average crowdfunding campaign launched by our community members raises over $100KUSD.  You can find all the details and more in our collection of step-by-step blueprints included in your Enter China membership!  

Don't Just Take Our Word For It. Here are Some Testimonials from Our Community Members:

 Ryan Beltran 

 CEO and Founder, Original Grain Watches 


"How do I manufacture my product idea? How do I fund that product? How do I find customers? These were the questions I needed to answer. Joining Enter China allowed me to surround myself with other like minded entrepreneurs and discover the winning framework through their blueprints. It is undoubtedly what helped me achieve over $400,000 crowdfunding in my first year, and scale my company to millions in revenue the following years"


"I had to learn entrepreneurship on my own through trial and error. It took me a long time and a lot of mistakes to fully understand the process. Joining EC taught me how to successfully launch products. The knowledge and feedback from other members led to massive success. Don't waste your time going at something alone. LEVERAGE."

Randy Stainton

 CEO and Founder, Otis & Eleanor 

Shane McDonnell

 CEO and Founder, Garibaldi


"I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but had so many fears about actually taking the steps to move forward. Enter China laid the framework for each step of the way. It took away all of the guesswork and simplified the process for me. If you want to make a product, please don't waste your time on your own. Join this community!"

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