This is a fairly direct post.

One of the most asked questions we get emailed or Facebook messaged is “What is Enter China?”

“Is it a course on manufacturing?”

“Is it a community for the new product development process?”

“Is it simply a blog on business culture in China?”

“What is the benefit of even joining Enter China? Can it help with my crowdfunding campaign? Or help me navigate Canton Fair?”

These are all questions we have received in some capacity.

Fair enough. It means we can do a much better job in explaining exactly the value and what it is we’re offering.

So with this post we’re hoping to lay the questions to rest and give you a clear and concise answer. And there is no time like the new year to explain things afresh.

In short (TLDR) Enter China is all those things.

But, you might be asking “What does that look like?”

Let me tell you…

Making ‘Made in China’ accessible

You know that feeling when you read everything out there on a certain topic available on the interwebs and then you STILL feel like you have no idea, much less what to do next?

It’s like this often, you have a great idea that you think will make an excellent business, or at least make a butt-load (actual measurement) of money, then you go online to figure out how to make it happen.

Now, there are a million and one ways to make money be it info products, drop shipping, stock market, flipping houses, etc. etc.

Given that you’re reading this blog there’s a high likelihood the method you’re looking to use is to design and sell your own unique physical product.

So you log on to the Googles and type something like “How to manufacture a product idea”.

What happens next is nothing short of information overload.

On comes the barrage of blog posts, YouTube videos, FB groups, and Reddit posts about Alibaba, NNNs, quality control, product regulation, Canton Fair, idea generation, shipping, customs, and on, and on, and on.

And often times the order in which you read the information is often like that too – completely out of order from when you should approach a subject.

By the end of it all you feel like you know everything and somehow… nothing.

This is a real problem that many aspiring entrepreneurs face – including ourselves when we first set out on this entrepreneurial journey.

It’s because we learned about all those topics the hard way, by just doing them and making mistakes that we realized there has to be an easier way.

In creating Enter China our goal was to figure how to simplify the learning curve and make the new product development process as accessible as possible.

To explain manufacturing in China in such a way – and create an atmosphere to ask questions in such a way that anyone with or without an idea could get a product made in China.

With that goal in mind we set out on this a journey to create simple yet robust materials that could be read and understood in such a way that the path to manufacturing success is clear.

Enter… China

The end result is Enter China as we know it today.

But… that end result didn’t come without challenges. Namely, how do we limit information overload at the beginning and ensure a progression of learning that leads to a finished – newly manufactured – product that YOU are proud of.

The answer to this challenge was to clearly organize and deliver our core materials in a carefully timed manner.

What does that mean?

At the moment we have 7 step-by-step blueprints – basically holding your hand through very specific topics.

Here’s the list:

  1. Product Idea Optimization
  2. Intro to Manufacturing
  3. The Factory
  4. Prototyping
  5. Placing Orders
  6. The Manufacturing Checklist
  7. Crowdfunding Campaigns

There is no reason to read all of this information at once, even though it is all fantastic information.

Our training philosophy has always been that people learn best through a solution or guide when that information is most relevant to their current situation.

For the Enter China member that means receiving carefully timed emails with links to specific sections and portions of the blueprint depending on where you are in your journey.

With over 200 members we have a very clear idea of the time it takes to develop and validate an idea, or the amount of time to find a factory, submit a sample request, or place the first order.

Our members have literally been manufacturing case studies for us.

We use our own experiences and these member case studies to know when to time the email disbursements to fit exactly where you are in the journey to new product launch.

Along the way we introduce you to the community.

Fuel for the Engine

At the end of every email you will have a very a clear action step.

A part of that action step is checking in with the community.

This is for 2 reasons:

  1. To hold you accountable to achieving the goals you set for yourself.
  2. To get real-time feedback

Knowing that you have people around you that are doing the same thing makes you feel a little less insane in the roller coaster ride of product entrepreneurship.

In some cases other members are just a few steps ahead of you, so they’ve been where you were just a short time ago and know exactly how to approach certain challenges.

I like to think of it as fuel for your business engine.

And it’s not the wrong type of fuel. This business machine requires diesel and you don’t need unleaded.

Mind the metaphor. 😉

But, seriously. If you’re poking around on the web trying to get help from people who aren’t aligned with the specific type of business model you are pursuing how do you expect that advice to get you very far?

You need the right fuel.

That is exactly what the Enter China community provides as you will be surrounded by other entrepreneurs pursuing the same unique ODM (original design manufacturing) physical product type businesses and going through the same new product manufacturing process via China.  

So to summarize at the end of every EC program email you will receive a clear call to action to report back to the Enter China community.

However, even beyond that we get much more individual.

Finding a Manufacturing Inner Circle

Middle of last year we asked current and future members what they wanted most out of the Enter China community as they built their physical product businesses.

The response was unanimous in almost every way.

EC members wanted accountability.

That kind of accountability that comes from personalized attention and follow up.

To meet this need we put together a mastermind rush program.

You’ve probably heard of masterminds; but it seems like in entrepreneurial circles everyone does masterminds a little differently.

Which is completely fine because they all serve the same purpose – to keep members focused on the goals they set out to achieve.

But for the sake of clarity let me share how the EC does masterminds.

For the most part all of our masterminds consists of 4-6 other members.

Each week all the members share their biggest challenge, their biggest opportunities, and their progress from the previous week.

Then there is a short 10 minutes Q&A section where other members can clarify anything that was said.

We follow a hot seat structure – meaning each week a new member of the group is on the hot seat on a rotational basis. The hotseat member gets 15-25 minutes to bring questions and concerns they have prepared to the group for the group’s input and help.

After hotseat each member shares their one big thing (or goals) for the week.

And then it’s final comments and goodbyes.

These are very focused – get stuff done – groups.

These are not times to catch up and chat personal stuff. This is all business focused.

Not because we don’t like catching up with other members but because everyone in these manufacturing inner circle has a common goal to see their business succeed.

Having this level of personal attention and accountability from others doing the same thing is invaluable to growth.

At least our members think so.

Hell ya, I love it! There is great value on every call.” – Sean in Beijing

We have a great group, we communicate with each other often and make sure we are on the same page always.” – Jose in New York

Having my mastermind group has been a major factor in helping me to launch my product and make my first sale.” – Shlomo in Israel

And it doesn’t stop there.

Any chance we get to mastermind with other members, we take it!

Twice a year the Canton Fair comes to south China in the city of Guangzhou. In the Spring and in the Fall.

You may have heard of this massive trade fair. It’s actually the biggest trade fair in the world.

At Canton Fair you can quite literally find anything you would want to manufacture.

We take this opportunity to have a private mastermind with our members and then help members think through exactly how to maximize their time at Canton Fair to get the most benefit.

To bring it all back around.

What is Enter China?


We are a program.

We are a community.

We are a content machine.

But, most importantly what I hope you see is that we are people focused.

Our aim is to help entrepreneurs (aspiring and established alike – like yourself) to have a successful physical product business you can be proud of.

A business that you built.


It excites us greatly to be able to meet other entrepreneurs looking to build great unique ODM (original design manufacturing) businesses.

If the above explanation left out any questions you have about Enter China just send us an email at [email protected]

We would love to talk to you.