What’s in this episode?

  • The biggest mistake people make when they go to start making their product.  (01:08)
  • At least understand the basics of how your product comes together.  (01:37)
  • If you’re expecting an expert to know these things for you – make sure they actually care about your product. (02:23)
  • How do I learn how to make your product? (02:47)
  • Go to forums to find experts.  (03:47)
  • Get plugged into an online community – like Enter China. (04:18)
  • If you don’t understand how to make a product ask suppliers on your early supplier list – even if you burn through the supplier. (04:49)
  • Find out where your product is actually made in China. (05:07)
  • Factory Regions Map
  • The best way to search for suppliers is word of mouth. (05:53)
  • going to markets and trade shows – if you’re in China. (06:46)
  • Use search engines (07:13)
  • The difference between global sources and Alibaba (07:51)
  • 1688.com
  • How to search correctly on Alibaba (09:55)
  • Alibaba trade assurance explained (10:49)
  • Assessed supplier explained (11:15)
  • Find a factory that’s good for your needs and size. (15:09)
  • Take supplier information off Alibaba and put it into an initial factory list (16:17)
  • Make sure you have the design files (17:52)
  • Also have a non-disclosure agreement (18:02)
  • Rico’s blog post on contracts in China
  • Create a project overview (18:51)
  • Initial Factory List Template

map of manufacturing regions

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