Recently I travelled down to the headquarters and met up with the original founder of Enter China – Nick Ramil!

We had a fantastic discussion about what it takes to get sales before you even launch your product on Kickstarter or Indiegogo or really any other platform.

Nick being the head of validation at Brinc frequently helps startups run successful crowdfunding campaigns. This experience has helped him to see the trends that lead to wildly successful campaigns. After talking to him it became clear that a major common denominator with all successful launches was pre-sales.

So I sat down with Nick and had a in depth conversation about how to get a massive amount of pre-sales to set launch day up for assured success…

If your the audio type and don’t want to look at our amazing faces, here’s the audio…

EC Show – Episode 7 – audio only


What’s in this episode?

  • From a high level what is pre-sales? (00:52)
    • Securing commitment before official launch date. (00:58)
  • What are some of the sources of traffic that you are getting those commitments from? (01:32)
    • Friends and family is a great place to start (01:52)
    • Find an initial tribe (02:09)
    • Get your tribe to buy in and believe in your product (02:36)
    • Use forums, blogs, facebook, etc. (02:48)
    • Go to stores that are selling to your target market audience (03:06)
    • You can find out so much before you even launch (04:27)
    • Kickstarter and Indiegogo have a legion of followers that are early adopters. (05:09)
    • Pre-sales got its name from people that actually sell something before it even exists. (05:20)
  • How do we get media and blogs to share about project before launch? (05:47)
    • Do your homework and due diligence and figure out the proper way to engage media. (06:43)
    • Study the reporters, what do they normally write about? (07:02)
    • Check their linked in, check their fb profile, check their hobbies. (07:05)
    • Them liking you is extremely important to featuring your product. (07:26)
    • Time preparation and work (08:11)
  • If you’re not ready don’t hit go. (09:11)
  • With crowdfunding projects there is a little bit of science, magic, and x factor. (09:30)
  • Sometimes you have to reposition in the middle of the launch. (10:14)
  • You can understand how the market understands your product based on the pre-sales response. (10:36)
  • Not everyone will show up to support you that said they would. (10:59)
  • Everyone you’ve ever known should know about your campaign/project/product. (12:46)
  • You have to be proud of what you’re building and believe you’re bringing real value. (13:42)
  • A lot of people launching campaigns that think they hit go and people just show up. (14:38)
  • What are some tools you use to get the pre-sales and reach out to friends and family?(15:07)
    • Facebook (15:24)
    • Snapchat stories (15:32)
    • HARO (15:42)
    • Buzzsumo (15:53)
    • Quora (16:00)
    • You have to give each channel the respect it deserves. (16:06)
    • You can’t just show up to a place and expect to have influence, you have to learn their way of communicating. (16:38)
    • Still a big believer in forums (17:13)
  • Misunderstanding is never the customers fault you have to communicate your product better – take responsibility. (18:27)
  • Any last words? (18:44)
    • Find the passion find what you love doing (18:55)
    • Find what you’ll do for free (19:00)


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Thanks Antoine for coming on the show and flexing that knowledge muscle!


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