We are constantly working to make the EC the best community entrepreneurs in China and we welcome your feedback. Unless it is something you feel could benefit the entire group, please contact us to discuss your concerns.

Who are we?

  • Our main goal is to bring entrepreneurs together through a close community, discussions, and mastermind groups. We’ve always been passionate about developing relationships—-I mean it’s the basis of doing business in China so we want the relationships to turn into real friendships.
  • Enter China is a group of entrepreneurs focused on building quality, real businesses in China.
  • Our members are interested in spending effort and resources to help other members succeed. This is key to building businesses in China. We believe the ones that went before should be helping the newbies.
  • EC is a place for people who are getting it done. We support discussions that focus on real solutions to members’ problems and push solutions forward.
  • Enter China is not the same as other General/public online forums. This isn’t a place for members to take and share information from the group, or drive traffic to your website/business.


Just Join?

  • This is a community for active entrepreneurs. If you are beginner-ish, please don’t ask questions you could easily answer via searching the forums. If you do decide to ask for help and feedback from the group, please remember to help other members out as well. This community needs to function exactly like that, a community.
  • The more detailed your profile, the better.  Let us really know who you are, what experience you have and what you’re working on. This is one of the most interesting parts. In the past, it has usually been quite difficult to network with fellow entrepreneurs working in China. It’s super interesting finding out what everyone is up to. 
  • The #1 benefit members get from the EC community is…community! We built this community because we realized the number one resource to do business in China is through established relationships and helping others out. We want our members to read posts, offering help and insight, and give more than they receive.


Forum Rules

  • What happens here should stay HERE. Privacy is simply part of what makes Enter China special.
  • Don’t be WEIRD. We reserve the right to delete any content, comment, photo, etc. we believe is inappropriate. We don’t expect it to happen. Be nice and courteous to your fellow entrepreneurs.
  • We hope that all our members are honest and open about themselves and their businesses. This means all profile pics should be images of you (no fake pics, logos, avatars, etc), all businesses must be legitimate, and all business connections between EC connections must be fair and deliverable. This is the only way everyone benefits. TRANSPARENCY. We reserve the right to remove any member. 
  • The community is private. Google does not index our content and will not know when you link outbound to your sites or services because all of our outbound links go through an anonymous re-direct. 
  • DO NOT share information in this forum with third parties with ill intent. Just don’t.
  • DO NOT spam the threads. Again just don’t. 
  • We keep discussions and content free of sexual, political, and racial content.  This simply isn’t the time or place for that. WE will take this seriously.  We want the content to be pushing everyone forward and not drag us down. Stay focused on business.

Masterminds & Groups

 Masterminds are small, independently-run groups within the greater community used for masterminds and long-term discussions.

You can find a listing of our current Masterminds here – to join please contact the Mastermind’s individually.

If you don’t find a mastermind you like or they are full, you can start your own.

 Here’s how: 

  • Post a topic in the forums to see if any other members would be interested in the same group
  • Once you have found others interested in joining your mastermind PM me here.  Let me know the name of the mastermind, if it will be private or public and provide me with an avatar.
  • Determine how often and how you would like your Mastermind to meet. 


 Billing & Membership

  • The way you communicate your membership status with us is through your Paypal subscription. When you cancel your Paypal subscription, you will no longer have access to the EC. This is the most effective and efficient way for us to communicate to ECers about their membership status. 
  • Remember you pay your membership fees on a recurring basis through PayPal and will appear as “F2E Holdings” not “Enter China.”
  • Simply deleting your profile will not cancel your membership. You must cancel it from within Paypal or else let us know and we can take care of it for you.
  • As soon as you request a cancellation of any kind we assume that means that you do not want to be a part of the EC community any longer. If you cancel your recurring subscription to Enter China, your access to the site will be cancelled immediately.


Referring Friends To Enter China

Enter China will always be seeking high quality entrepreneurs to become members.  We will control the growth (Especially in the beginning) by restricting access and sometimes removing the application altogether. However, members will always be able to refer other members. We don’t want to miss out on qualified candidates. 

  • Most Members do and/or starting to develop a business in China.
  • We are seeking members from all levels of the entrepreneurial scale. Some of the up and comers will be our most helpful members and have new insights that some of us experienced members haven’t even thought about. 
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY our members have attitude of gratitude, an abundance mindset and realize that this is more important than deemed experience.

We appeal to your judgment: we are seeking sharp, motivated, and positive entrepreneurs with a passion for doing great work, making connections with other entrepreneurs, and for seeking out an amazing lifestyle while they do it all.