Partner with Enter China!

Are you a blog or business focusing on China manufacturing? Then we’d love to work out a win-win collaboration with you!

Our members are entrepreneurs focusing on building their product idea out to a reality, via a Chinese factory. Most are Western entrepreneurs in their 20s and 30s, willing to do what it takes and “get their hands” dirty in the name of making their businesses a success.

How Can We Collaborate?

There are various ways we can work together – to name a few:

  • Joint Venture offers – we can have you be part of our show or content and you can share your business story and strategy. We can do the same on your show and various online channels.
  • Mentor for the Enter China program – we are interested in getting more experts and mentors in the Enter China community. Do you have experience in China manufacturing and product development? Want to coach some young and hungry entrepreneurs to make their ideas a reality. Our community is perfect for you. This is on an application basis and our management team will review and approve your mentor application.
  • Join a Private Member’s Call or Meetup – Want to share your knowledge with our private community? Come to a meetup (Normally in Guangzhou, China) or do an online event. We always want to offer our members a special experience and welcome you to give us an idea of some exclusive content you’d like to offer the community.
  • Affiliate – Want to be a reseller / affiliate for our program? We can offer decent share on those who bring us valuable and qualified members, contact us for an application into our closed affiliate program.

Contact us for details!