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This is your chance to finally own our most treasured collection of manufacturing guides, videos and checklists. It's everything you will need to launch and grow your own product business.

"I had been working with suppliers in China for two years, but Enter China completely changed my experience. I met a welcoming, helpful group of people facing the same challenges as me. We shared advice and helped each other with our businesses."


Manufacturing was something I had to learn on my own through trial and error. It took me a long time and a lot of mistakes to fully understand the process. Joining the EC taught me how to successfully launch products. The knowledge and feedback from other members led to massive success with my first product. The difference between how I learned manufacturing compared with launching a product was the most valuable lesson of all. Don't waste your time going at something alone.  The Enter China team will save you from the common errors that lead to lost time and money. 


Manufacturing Blueprints


Product Idea Optimization

This applies to all businesses, but is crucial when it comes to physical products. If you're going to invest time and money in a product you need to already know it's going to sell. This blueprint teaches you exactly how to do this.

Manufacturing Your First Product

We call this Manufacturing 101. We cover every step of the process when it comes to manufacturing your first product. We start with product design and take you all the way through placing the order and follow through. This lays the foundation for everything.

Finding Factories

The factory is your business partner in China. This makes factory selection the most essential step of the process. We walk you through how to nail down this relationship.

6 Figure Crowdfunding

Want to crowdfund your product? Enter China has had 5 campaigns crest the 6 figure mark to-date. This guide walks you through how they did it and how you can do it to.

Quality Control

Nothing can kill a start-up faster than a disastrous first production run. In this guide we give you a detailed walk through of what to check, how to check it and how to protect yourself.

Shipping & Distribution

For many beginners this seems like a daunting task. Even though it should be your most streamlined. This guide teaches you the best methods for shipping so you can avoid the mistakes we made.

Enter China blueprints teach you the fundamental skills required to not only validate and manufacture a product, but how to raise thousands of dollars in funding before you even make your first order. Our members have raised millions of dollars in crowdfunding campaigns. If you put in the time, follow the blueprints, and engage with the community you will succeed. Period.

Personalized Support

A self-guided course can only teach you so much and that’s why we are here to personally answer all of your questions. We schedule a call with each new member to make sure everyone gets started out on the correct path with the correct motivation.


It's hard to be an entrepreneur, and even harder doing it alone. Luckily, you will gain access to our private WeChat and Facebook groups filled with hundreds of members. The group is an excellent resource to get instant feedback from successful members and learn from others. It’s also the place where you can connect with others who are going through the same issues you are.

Members All Around The Globe

Enter China has members all around the globe!

Manufacturing is a global business. No matter where you're located at in the world, Enter China connects you with entrepreneurs that are manufacturing products in China and distributing them globally.

Annual Meet-Ups

The Canton Fair is the largest trade fair in the world and it happens twice a year (April & October) in Guangzhou, China. This provides us with the perfect time and location for Enter China members to get together. Last year dozens of members attended the fair to scout out new products, factories or check in with their current ones. During this time we organize a 2 day meet-up for EC members to attend. The meet-up consists of some of the most successful members speaking on different subjects, LIVE Q & A sessions and organized networking lunches and dinners.

Try it Risk-Free

We had an overwhelming response from our current members when we asked the question: "What would be the most beneficial thing if you we're just starting out in the product space?"

By far, the #1 response was a 1-on-1 business overview sessions.

We realize that often the most useful thing you can have when starting out is someone to bounce ideas off of and get specific feedback. While this isn't always possible for us, we would love to take this opportunity and pass it forward to some of our newest members.

Before we do that lets recap what you already know about Enter China…

  • You get access to a private Facebook community packed full of conversations from people already manufacturing their own physical products. We've seen first hand how a supportive community and a roadmap towards success can bring extremely powerful results in a short period of time.

You get access to the 7 manufacturing blueprints, which provide in depth step-by-step instructions on how to...

  • Validate your product idea.
  • Manufacturing 101 - The crash course!
  • Find the perfect factory.
  • Place your first order.
  • ​Implement the Quality Control process like an expert.
  • ​Launch a killer crowdfunding campaign.
  • Our personal 'Manufacturing Checklist

Plus 3 bonus blueprints...

  • How to build a sourcing empire.
  • How to plan you first trip to China.
  • How to sell in China.

Along with the blueprints you get access to our bonus content which includes:

  • 15 Video interviews with successful businessmen around China.
  • 3 city guides (GZ, SH, SZ)
  • Book share dropbox library of 30 of the most important books for entrepreneurs.
  • You get access to the private WeChat (the #1 social App of China) group, to get real-time answers to your manufacturing questions.
  • You get access to 2 Enter China, exclusive, members only, meet-ups per year during the Canton Fair.

All of this immense value for just a small monetary investment. The bonuses alone are worth well over $1000. As you can see there is some heavy incentive to sign up, so don’t miss out.

4 Payments of


  • 7 Manufacturing Blueprints
  • 3 Bonus Blueprints
  • All Bonus Content & Archives
  • 1 New Member Onboarding Call
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Private Wechat Group
  • Lifetime Access

This plan is not eligible for money-back guarantee*

One Time Payment


  • 7 Manufacturing Blueprints
  • 3 Bonus Blueprints
  • All Bonus Content & Archives
  • New Member Onboarding Call
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Private Wechat Group
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30 Day Guarantee

Take Action & Make It Happen



  • ​3 Master Classes
  • 7 Manufacturing Blueprints
  • 3 Bonus Blueprints
  • All Bonus Content & Archives
  • New Member Onboarding Call
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30 Day Guarantee

The Enter China Program With Hands On Help

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The Enter China Full Suite comes with a 30 day money back guarantee!

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