Launch a Successful Physical Product Business with or without an Idea

Join more than two hundred and fifty entrepreneurs who are manufacturing in China and building lasting brands

Bring Your Product Idea to Life

We've taken businesses with ZERO experience and ZERO products and turned them into million dollar brands. We've been featured by some of the most well known publications in the hardware industry.

Launch a Successful Physical Product Business

Join more than 250 members who are manufacturing their products in China and building massively successful brands. This is your chance to finally own our most treasured collection of manufacturing guides, videos, and checklists. It's our top secret recipe to launch and grow our own product business!

250+ People Have Come Together to Build and Share Ideas, Stories and Challenge Each Other

$2,000,000+ raised on Kickstarter. 6 Figure Amazon business in less than 1 year and growing companies with over $1 million valuation. That's the Enter China community. It exists to put you in the fast lane. We accelerate your physical product business growth. There is no better fuel for growth than having access to people who have the experience and help guide you.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

Ryan Beltran | Original Grain

How do I manufacture a product? This is the question I needed to answer. Surrounding myself with other entrepreneurs like Tim & Nick is undoubtedly what helped me achieve a nearly $400K crowdfunding campaign. Do yourself a favor - Listen to Them

Ryan Beltran | Original Grain image

Fred Perrotta | Tortuga Backpacks

I had worked with suppliers in China for two years, but the Enter China completely changed my experience. I met a welcoming, helpful group of people facing the same challenges as me. We shared advice and helped each other with our businesses.

Fred Perrotta | Tortuga Backpacks image

Randall Stainton | Otis & Eleanor

Manufacturing was something I had to learn on my own through trial and error. It took me a long time and a lot of mistakes to fully understand the process. Joining the EC taught me how to successfully launch products. The knowledge and feedback from other members led to massive success with my first product. The difference between how I learned manufacturing compared with launching a product was the most valuable lesson of all. Don't waste your time going at something alone. LEVERAGE.

Randall Stainton | Otis & Eleanor image

Shane McDonnell | Garibaldi

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but had so many fears about actually taking the steps to move forward. Enter China laid the framework for each step of the way. It took away all of the guesswork and simplified the process for me. If you want to make a product, please don't waste your time on your own. Join this community.

Shane McDonnell | Garibaldi image

Toyiah Marquis | Brand Matchmaker

I had a successful ecommerce business, but I needed to solidify my manufacturing process. Enter China and it's members taught me how to successfully connect with factories and really develop and cultivate these relationships. The community is SO open with sharing their experiences; the value is priceless.

Toyiah Marquis | Brand Matchmaker image

Mike Schierhorn | Source Find Asia

I have been manufacturing products in China for over 7 years. Manufacturing for many people seems like a pretty straight-forward game. They approach it like it has rules. That it operates like any other business. All you can do for these people is wish them good luck. They need to learn the hard way.

Manufacturing is a game of preparation. It's hard to be prepared for the game if you've never played it. It's almost certain that you're going to make a huge mistake or be taken advantage of. I've been a part of Enter China for 2 years now. These guys have done an amazing job of exponentially simplifying the game. Enter China has leveled the playing field, making it possible for a beginner to actually step in and get it done. Like I said, if you don't think it's worth it to join, then GOOD LUCK.

Mike Schierhorn | Source Find Asia image

Zam Tual | The Caselift

I attended one of the first EC meet-ups in Guangzhou. At the time I was doing consulting, and was considering a jump into the physical product business. Honestly, I had no idea what product I was going to make. Getting to hear the speeches at the meet-up was all the inspiration I needed. Found the idea for my first product at the fair the next day.

Zam Tual | The Caselift image

Ramon Decastro | World Traveler

I just joined the EC before the meet-up last October. It gave me the perfect chance to get my boots on the ground in China without being scared to death. It felt like cheating getting to hear the extremely successful members talk about their experiences first hand. It was the perfect set-up before heading to the fair and scouting out my first product.

Ramon Decastro | World Traveler image

Get in on the China action and learn exactly how you can take your business to unimaginable heights.