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You are now part of the only community of it’s kind, a community focused solely on how to help you manufacture products in China and grow your business.

From manufacturing your first product, developing your own brand or simply ordering mass quantities of OEM products – we’re going to give you all of our collective knowledge and resources to make that happen.

Quick Tour

First and foremost, we want to introduce you to the site and explore what you will find here.

We understand there is no one size fits all plan for product development. The most valuable part of your membership will be the connections you make along the way. Our goal is to grow this into the premier community for product development and manufacturing in China.  So far, we are continuing to see success as more members discover how much value is in a structured entrepreneurial community like this. 

There are over 250 like minded people in this community, all at different stages of development – from just starting out, to others making 5 figures a month.  There is a wealth of knowledge here.

We encourage you to connect with as many of these people as you can through  both the WeChat group and the private Facebook group.

If you have questions, run into roadblocks, or want to share your latest achievements & milestones, the Facebook group is the perfect place to do it.  


Getting Started

There’s a lot of different directions you can go as you dive into Enter China, so we want to give you some good starting points.

Step 1: Complete Your Profile

Follow this link and input your profile information into the form.  

Step 2: Answer Member Bio Questions

Every member has the opportunity to have their bio page featured in our members directory. Because so much of the value in this community is the people, it’s important you fill this out in detail so other users can get a sense of who you are and what you’re all about. This is a great way for other members to get a sense of who you are and what you’re experience is.

Step 3: Join Our Private Facebook Group

Networking can often be hard as life tends to get in the way. This being the generation of Facebook, we have learned that Facebook is often times the best way to form relationships with people. That’s where our private Facebook group comes in. This is where we have conversations and interact with each other on a more personal level.

Join The Page Here.

Step 4: Introduce Yourself

We hope it is clear by now but we want you to be a valuable part of this community so introducing yourself is the first step. So head to the Facebook group and tell us about yourself. Let us know where you’re from, what you’re experience is with manufacturing and what you are working towards.

Step 5: Download the WeChat App 

You’re probably asking what is WeChat? It’s the single most important app in China. Enter China has a private WeChat group where members can chat about business and share information. Join the conversation by downloading the app and emailing [email protected] for an invite to the group.

Step 6: Delve Into the Blueprints

Your starting point will depend on where you’re at in the business life cycle, however the most important thing is starting. Pick a blueprint that is most in line with your current situation and dive in.

It can be very easy to browse through them when you first join and then go about your business. Remember, that all of these blueprints were written by fellow entrepreneurs who have already been where you want to go. Therefore, if you are preparing for a crowdfunding campaign be sure to use that blueprint as an asset. That is what they are there for.

Step 7: Check out the Resource Section

There’s a ton of content here that spans from a Book Library to our old forum history.  While we do not actively post here anymore, (this has been moved to Facebook as we found it generates more interaction) there are still a lot of valuable insights. Take 30-40 minutes and read through them to familiarize yourself with the content.

Step 8: Send us an Email with Questions

Hopefully by this point you’ve spent an hour or two on the site and are getting an idea of what it’s all about. Once you’ve done that, shoot us an email at [email protected] and let us know if you have any questions.

On the main navigation you’ll see some options:

  • Profile: This is where you’ll find your account information.  It’s how you can access your login details, member status and Bio questions.
  • Blueprints: Whether walking you through how to plan your first trip to China, finding a factory or going A to Z on fulfilling orders from your product business, this is where you’ll find much of the in depth content.
  • Bonus Content: This is anything that didn’t quite fit anywhere else. Don’t take this for granted. There is a ton of content under here. This could be recordings of a member calls or webinars, or other documents and templates that didn’t fit anywhere else.

Let us be the first to officially welcome you to the community!

-The Enter China team