Scale Your Physical Product Biz with a Life Changing Trip to China During the Canton Fair

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Here's what's included in our Enter China Trip:

Explore Factories in Shenzhen, the Electronics Capital of the World

Learn the Factory Business Better than You've Ever Known Before

If anyone knows the manufacturing business, it's us. With over 300 years combined experience in China, we've built or helped over 70 companies scale their physical product business to greater than $1M in revenue a year.

Be it communicating with factories, quality control or sourcing, we will​ teach you the keys to manufacturing in China as we tour three key factories in Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

A Guided Tour of the World Famous Electronics Market, Huaqiangbei

If You Know How to Speak the Language and Where to Look in the Market it Can Do Wonders for Your Business

Having 10+ years of experience visiting Huaquangbei to source components and product parts, we know what to look for and who to talk to.

We will give you a proper tour of Shenzhen and Huaqiangbei so you will know your way around the electronics capital of the world.

Go-To-Market Expansion Blueprints

We not only help you source your products, but we help you scale up your sales at better margins. Whether you want to expand and sell into the complicated Chinese market of 1.5 Billion people, or scale up your sales in western markets, we've got you covered. We have proven blueprints on crowdfunding, Facebook ads, Amazon FBA and even show you how to sell on Chinese platforms. Not only will we show you WHERE to source your products for better quality and cheaper, we also show you how to multiply your sales.

A Once in a Lifetime Experience For Physical Product Founders

BOM Cost Analysis Service

We save companies an average of 10% from their Bill Of Materials annually. For most businesses this translates to hundreds of thousands in reduced costs, meaning more PROFIT

We know the manufacturing business, and we know the China landscape. By simply looking into your current numbers and a couple of quick WeChat messages, we can start optimizing your Bill of Materials.

We communicate with factories, monitor quality control and make sure that you can do the same. We will​ teach you the process as we tour three key factories in Shenzhen and Guangzhou

Exclusive Networking Sessions

Knowing the right people leads to priceless opportunities

We put you in the room with the right people. From manufacturing and technical experts, to VC's, and up and coming talent, we'll make sure that your china trip is full of the right connections at the right time for your business.

Canton Fair is always busy, and knowing exactly who to meet can be stressful. We'll take care of the logistics so you can focus on building your business.

We take care of the accommodations so you can focus on your business

A Premium Guided Experience at The Canton Fair

Canton Fair is one of the biggest events in the world for physical product entrepreneurs. It can be incredibly fruitful if you're able to get the right experience out of it.  Lucky for you, we've done this plenty of times. We will have a guided tour of the event set up to show you the most important things that you need for your business. We will line up networking opportunities, exhibition visits and more to make sure that the ROI for your visit is optimal.

Don't worry! We also leave time for you to discover the fair on your own.

We offer top of the line mentorship and sessions from world-class mentors

Mentorship Sessions

We have three major break out sessions scheduled with the hardest hitting content planned

We know that your time is valuable. Which is why we've scheduled sessions that are guaranteed to get you the highest ROI for the time you spend with us. The sessions we have planned are:

  • Founder Scaling Session Hosted By Bay McLaughlin. Learn the mindset shifts that we at Brinc most often have to see in order to start experiencing explosive growth.
  • Financial Model Optimization with Jessie Lam. By optimizing your financials and running innovative models, it can make the difference​ between your company's success or failure. We'll teach you the models that are working best for physical product companies today.
  • Go-to-Market and Expansion with Nick Ramil. Learn the Crowdfunding as a model framework, Launching on Amazon and the latest on Facebook ads and influencer marketing lead by our Go-To-Market expert.

Enter China Membership

A volume of high value how-to guides for you to study

From crowdfunding to communicating with factories we include an exclusive Enter China membership (valued at nearly $1500) with your China Trip package.

We give you access to a community of more than 250 founders who share knowledge, solve problems, and answer questions about doing business in China. This is the only community in the world built specifically for this and a lifetime membership is included.

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What's included:

Tours of three top tier factories in China where we teach you how factories work

Optimizing your BOM costs - we average reducing costs by 10%.

All of your logistics, SIM cards, hotels, local transport and more covered by us​

Mentorship Sessions - Our teams have raised $24M, crowdfunded more than $5M and shippped millions of products

Introductions to key contacts - just tell us who you want to know

A guided tour of the world's largest electronics show Canton Fair​

Guidance in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, China