In Enter China, we are constantly developing the most in depth blueprints we can to help you with certain aspects of manufacturing in China. These are meant to help point you in the right direction, so you know what to have conversations about in the forums, and make you not sound totally clueless when you’re working with people on the ground over here. We have quite a few of these in progress, but here are the ones ready for your perusal.

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Full Access Blueprints

You have the “full boat” enjoy!

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travel guide(1)How to Plan Your First Trip to China

Thinking about coming out for a couple weeks to explore business opportunities? Great! It’s totally worth it, but you’ll definitely want to do some planing and preparation before touching down. This guide walks you through things you should watch out for, and helps you plan your trip in order to get the most value out of it.

sourcing_agents_in_uk-300x233How To Build A Sourcing Empire

Manufacturing is what put China on the map. This is the industry that helped turned a 3rd world country into a massive world power in a very short time span. It’s massive and it’s extremely developed. It’s also the focus of many entrepreneurs here in China who have worked to build sourcing empires over the last few decades. This blueprints covers exactly how they built these empires so that you can start your own.

imagesHow To Sell In China

Since China re-opened its doors, China was a manufacturing focal point for the world’s top brands.  This rapid expansion generated incalculable fortunes for both government and private businesses, and the formerly-oppressed Chinese now have more money than they know what to do with. This guide covers everything we have learned in our 4 years of importing products into China.

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