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What is Enter China? 

Enter China is a community of entrepreneurs who do business in China in order to sell their products globally.  This community formed in response to the rapid rise of China's manufacturing expertise and competitive pricing, making way for intrepid entrepreneurs to work directly with Chinese factories.  Our Youtube channel began to overflow with questions from these eager business enthusiasts wanting to leverage China's ecosystem and take their product ideas from prototype to profit.  Our community & resources consist of: 

  • 300+ Entrepreneurs
  • Countless stories of prototyping, tooling, negotiations and business building
  • Millions of dollars crowdfunded through Kickstarter & Indiegogo
  • 30+ case studies of founders starting from nothing and creating sustainable businesses

Making the leap like we did by going directly to China to see it for ourselves was a meaningful step, but we realized that it was more important to get plugged into the right community first. Thus, Enter China and the resulting community was born.

In addition to our community we created a framework to help members. The Enter China Blueprints are a collection of slide decks that simplify everything  we have learned first-hand about manufacturing products in China.  They walk you through the basics so that you will be prepared to navigate the challenge of starting your own physical product business.  

We have more than 300 members today and continue to grow steadily. Our members include successful business owners and eCommerce entrepreneurs who have turned their dreams into reality.  You can connect with the entire Enter China community via our private Facebook & WeChat groups, as well as in person at meetups and our private events. 

The Team

The team consists of serial entrepreneur Nick Ramil, growth marketing expert Travis Levell, and community specialist Nick Zieber; a group of professionals who have experience working with hundreds of early stage ventures in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and the U.S.A.

Nick Ramil

Travis Levell

Nick Zieber

Join us and take your physical product business to the next level

What is the next step? 

* Read our blog - get all the information on China manufacturing via our blog posts and video content.
* Contact us - have questions about manufacturing in China and want to see what it is all about? Send us a quick inquiry

Or, If you're eager to get started, you can click the button below and join now:

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