What Is Enter China?

Enter China came about with the overwhelming demand for the rush of entrepreneurs coming to China. Our Youtube channel and blog was inundated with these business enthusiasts who wanted to get in on the China action and take their product ideas and bring them to life.

Coming to China and taking action is definitely a great step – but we realized an even more important step is to get plugged into the right people and get the right information.

Thus, the Enter China program was born.

You can read on our about the program page that we have a great mix of educational content – consolidating all the information overwhelm that we have read and consumed over the years into exact blueprints to rock your product development business in China.

And the cream of the program is the community. Over 200 members and growing, these are active business owners who are building their product dreams into reality. Connect with them in our Facebook and Wechat groups, as well as at various meetups and private events.

The Team Behind Enter China

Who is the team behind Enter China?

The original team was Tim and Nick from The Elevator Life – and in mid-2016 a new team, from the Enter China community, stepped up and took on the reins.

Meet Luke, Rico, Mike:

Community is Key – Get Involved

Getting involved in the community is essential to your success anywhere, but especially in China!

Joining a community is just the first step, the key to maximizing it is to be active. Ask questions, and also answer questions and give feedback to others. Giving often leads to more coming back to you in the long run, so don’t be shy and give your input.

We at Enter China encourage a friendly environment where there is no such thing as a stupid question!


Connect with Us and Take Your China Business To The Next Level

So we hope this clarified a bit what is Enter China and why it is so awesome that you should join today!

What is the next step? We have a few different choices for you:

* Read our blog – get all the information on China manufacturing via our blog posts and video content.
* Contact us – have questions about manufacturing in China and want to see what it is all about? Send us a quick inquiry
* Apply for the program – and of course, we welcome you to apply for the Enter China program!


So what are you waiting for?! Take action for your business in China, starting now!